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Air Source Heat Pumps & Q-Bot Underfloor Insulation – A Match Made in Retrofit Heaven?


With the UK’s growing focus on energy efficiency and sustainable living, technologies like air source heat pumps have emerged as viable alternatives to traditional heating systems. When coupled with innovative solutions like Q-Bot underfloor insulation, the benefits multiply, offering homeowners enhanced comfort, reduced energy consumption, and significant cost savings. In this article, we delve into the advantages of Q-Bot underfloor insulation in conjunction with air source heat pumps, explaining how both technologies work and the economic benefits they bring.

Understanding Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are highly efficient heating systems that extract heat from the outside air and transfer it indoors to warm up a property. These systems work on the principle of refrigeration, but in reverse. ASHPs can be used in conjunction with traditional radiator systems.

An ASHP consists of an outdoor unit, which absorbs heat from the air, and a compressor that increases the temperature of the collected heat. The heated refrigerant heats water which is then circulated to the radiators inside the property. The radiator system distributes the heat, warming the rooms and providing a comfortable living environment.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

One key advantage of ASHPs is their high efficiency, which is measured using the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP). A SCOP of 3.2, for instance, means that for every unit of electricity consumed, the heat pump produces 3.2 units of heat energy. This efficiency rating surpasses that of traditional gas combi boilers, making ASHPs a more cost-effective heating solution. By harnessing renewable energy from the air, ASHPs significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

How Q-Bot Underfloor Insulation Works

Q-Bot is an innovative underfloor insulation system designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of heating systems, particularly when used in conjunction with ASHPs. The Q-Bot system utilises advanced robotic technology to apply a layer of insulation beneath the floor. The robot enters the floor void through small access points, ensuring minimal disruption to the property.

Once inside, the robot sprays high-performance insulation into the void. This insulation layer acts as a barrier, minimising heat loss through the floor and preventing cold air infiltration and draughts. The process is precise and efficient, ensuring complete coverage and enhancing the overall thermal performance of the property dramatically.

air source heat pump
underfloor heating and underfloor insulation with qbot underfloor insulation

The Synergy: Q-Bot with Air Source Heat Pumps

When combined, Q-Bot underfloor insulation and ASHPs create a powerful synergy that optimises energy efficiency and reduces heating costs. The insulation provided by Q-Bot minimises heat loss through the floor, allowing the ASHP to operate more efficiently. With reduced heat loss, the ASHP requires less energy to maintain the desired indoor temperature, resulting in lower electricity consumption and significant savings on fuel bills.

Fuel Bill Savings with Q-Bot

Our studies and customer testimonials show Q-Bot underfloor insulation can save homeowners an average of 20% on their fuel bills when used in conjunction with ASHPs. This remarkable reduction in energy consumption translates into tangible cost savings, further bolstering the appeal of investing in this combined solution. Additionally, as energy prices continue to rise, the long-term savings from reduced fuel bills become even more pronounced, making Q-Bot underfloor insulation a financially sound investment.


Air source heat pumps have established themselves as highly efficient and sustainable heating solutions. However, when paired with Q-Bot underfloor insulation, the benefits multiply, resulting in:

  • Increased Comfort
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Substantial Cost Savings

The combination of Q-Bot‘s advanced insulation technology and the efficient operation of ASHPs ensures optimal heating performance while minimising heat loss through the floor. As homeowners strive to adopt more environmentally friendly and economically viable heating systems, the Q-Bot and ASHP synergy stands out as a compelling solution for energy-efficient and cost-effective heating.